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IJC : Vent A Hood Insert
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IJC : Faber Insert
Custom Brass Hoods
Range Hood Back
Range Hood Build

We do ship all across Canada

For a Quote please send us an Email containing what you are looking for and what type of material.

Rough sizes (length,width,height). You can include photos from elsewhere or reference from our site.

Postal code for crate & shipping quote. Prices are all in Canadian dollars.

Every range hood is custom built and handmade in any style, shape or finish.

If you would like to visit our showroom please book to arrange a time.


Custom Range Hoods

Our Custom Range Hoods are individually handmade for each client from scratch.

They are full metal construction, pure metals (not plated or anodized). No wood & Fire proof.

Larger hoods 49" or wider, island hoods or complex shapes & finishes can add to the cost.

- Blower unit inserts vary in cost depending on the brand and size.

- We build the hood to suit a blower unit you have purchased.


- We specialize in Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel and Black Iron.

With custom patinas and finishes applied to those materials.

Ordering Process

- With any custom metal projects we will work with you to fine tune all details related to your order.

We can build from photos or drawings, scaled hand drawings are provided for the final design.

- A formal quote is sent first for review, details can be changed if needed.

Once the quote is accepted and you would like to go ahead an Invoice will be sent for deposit.

- To confirm details and book into our timeline a 50% deposit is required.

Timeline starts from deposit. On average it can vary 8-12 weeks from deposit.

Depending on the current demand and approvals.

- We accept Visa, MasterCard, Etransfer or cheque. Cheques require extra time to clear.

Credit cards can be called in, or via a CC Form.


Receipt and updated invoice with deposit confirmation is then emailed.

On completion, photos of the Range Hood will be emailed.

Remaining balance is then due before shipping or pick up from our shop.

Finalized invoice & receipt for remaining is emailed


Range Hood Dimensions

- Hood width is usually 6" inches wider than your stove, this allows for proper fume extraction.

Example : 36" wide stove = 42" wide range hood. If your space allows.

It can be made to any width or height and fit most blower unit inserts.

- Typical range hood depth is between 22"-24" inches, depending on blower insert and trim.

It is custom made to fit the blower unit insert.

- Height is normally 30" above the countertop. 30" to 36" is the operating range for most units.

36" is normally the maximum operating height above the countertop.


- Hood height calculation : 

10ft ceilings - 30" above counter top = 54" Tall Range Hood.

  9ft ceilings - 30" above counter top = 42" Tall Range Hood.

  8ft ceilings - 30" above counter top = 30" Tall Range Hood.

These are basic size guidelines, we can build to any specifications.

Blower Unit Inserts

The Blower unit insert contains the lights, filters and fan motor for the range hood.

We build the hood to suit your blower unit insert & can recommend units.

Check with your contractor as to the maximum cfm allowed in the home.

Higher cfm units (600-1200cfm) may require a make up air system in the home.

300cfm units usually do not require make up air. Always best to check.

Common brands we work with are Victory, Zephyr, Faber, Vent-a-hood and Wolf. 


We do ship all across Canada

- Postal code is needed for the crate & shipping quote. They are shipped in a custom wood crate.

- Or you can pick the item up from our shop. Hood wrapped up in that case.

Patina, Oxidized and Aged finishes 

- Our range hoods have a matte clear coat applied in most cases.

Stainless steel ( non aged ) is not clear coated and can be cleaned with stainless steel cleaners.

- These aging processes are not an exact science and are custom to each project.

When applying the finish to a large item some variance is to be expected.

Often we can closely match hardware finishes or photos from other projects.

When we have determined the finish you are looking for, a sample can be made.

Sample photos will be emailed, or can be picked up if requested.


Care and Maintenance

- Use mild soap and water to clean. Dry with soft paper towel.

- Lemon Pledge can be used for stainless steel.

Spray into soft paper towel. Wipe in the grain direction. Be gentle.


- Do not stick tape or use abrasive cleaners as you might remove the finish on the item.

Victory Q5 Series Insert
Zephyr AK Series Insert
Faber INPL Series Insert
VentAHood BH Series Insert
Wolf PL Series Insert
GE UVC Series Insert
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